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Streamer Asmongold Reveals Exorbitant Amount Earned From Sponsored Stream!

As everyone knows, professional streamers are paid by studios that offer them partnerships. The studios hope to use the large communities of streamers to promote their games. But how much does a partnership cost? Asmongold spoke about it recently.


During a stream on Twitch recently, Asmongold confided to viewers the level of his partnerships with sponsors. He announced that he had received a sponsored stream proposal from a studio for which he is named. The studio in question offered him the impressive sum of $ 300,000.

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This isn’t the first time a streamer has given details of their earnings. In 2018, streamer Desguised Toast said in a video titled How Much Money Twitch Streamers REALLY Make? He made approximately $ 4,000 a month in donations, $ 14,000 a month from subscribers, and $ 4,000 from ads. Deguised Toast also commented on sponsorship offers, finding that companies typically offer them between $ 1 and $ 1 per viewer per hour and $ 5,000 for a 30-second YouTube ad.

Numbers that make you dizzy but confirm that Twitch has angered our means of consuming video games. Hence the studios’ growing interest in the famous platform and its biggest streamers. We also recall that the famous streamer Pokimane recently introduced a maximum donation limit that is turning Twitch on its head.


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