strange new method uses magnets on the testicles


Ultimately, male contraception hasn’t changed much compared to other major innovations of the 2000s: apart from the condom, there are no mainstream male contraceptives, apart from the male pill or vasectomy. However, researchers in China may have found a new method, but it doesn’t look very pleasant.

Prevention by magnetism

A new study published in the journal Nano Letters describes the new method of male contraception. Magnetic nanomaterials are injected, which are then transported to the scrotum by magnets, where they cause the testicles to warm up. The hyperthermia it caused was enough to temporarily stop sperm production and even shrink the testicles for 30 to 60 days before they returned to normal. However, the tests were only performed on mice.

Technology seems to have a future, despite the fear it can create in men. Even small increases in temperature can decrease sperm count, and the researchers hope to use this response to stop spermatogenesis.

find a non-toxic magnetic nanoparticle

If research on this new method of contraception is to be welcomed, it is not easy to find an injectable and non-toxic particle. The studies were developed from iron oxide nanoparticles that are uncomfortable for the body but are directed to their destination by magnetic fields. So far, they have found that citric acid-coated nanoparticles are the most effective but the least harmful.

The treatment given to the rodents lasted only 15 minutes. The alternating magnetic field is applied to the testes of five mammals in order to warm them up to the required temperature. The males were then caged with the females so that they could reproduce at different times. They were unable to father any more offspring for seven days. Over time, the animals slowly returned to normal fertility levels, with approximately 12 pups per gestation on day 60.

Other reversible fertility trials have taken place, particularly the heated panties based on the thermal method. The principle is pretty much the same, if much less scary than that based on magnetism. The increase in temperature of the testicles is caused by body heat with suitable underwear. Sewing workshops and tutorials on the Internet are organized to do it yourself more cheaply. The prototype is equipped with rings that you guide your penis and testicles through. These then rise in the pubic bone and are kept at a temperature of 37 degrees. By wearing it for 15 hours a day, the sperm count decreases sufficiently.

However, we cannot measure the pain of mice during the test. But who knows, maybe volunteers want to take the plunge to advance science?

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