NATO’s current strategic concept is ten years old. Experts believe that this should now be revised against the background of a changed security situation.

Brussels (dpa) – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wants to campaign for a review of the current strategic concept in the current debate about better political cooperation in the alliance.

He said it was time for an update a few months ago, Stoltenberg said Tuesday after a video conference with the foreign ministers of the alliance states. The security environment has fundamentally changed in recent years.

NATO’s current strategic concept was adopted in 2010. At that time, for example, the Allies still hoped that the time of great tensions with Russia would be over. However, events such as the conflict in Ukraine followed.

A new strategic concept could also provide the framework for dealing with potential threats from China or new technologies. The US in particular has recently pushed for closer cooperation with China.

Foreign ministers of the 30 alliance states first debated on Tuesday the recommendations for action from a group of experts created in the spring after French President Emmanuel Macron declared NATO “brain dead.” Macron wanted to denounce the lack of coordination in important decisions. A negative example for him was, for example, Turkey’s military offensive in northern Syria, which was not discussed in NATO and was only made possible by an equally troubled withdrawal of US soldiers from the area.

The recommendations of the expert group also include the revision of the strategic concept. It is mentioned in his nearly 70-page paper as the “starting point” for all other possible steps. In total, the group made 138 suggestions. They are mainly intended to improve political cooperation in the alliance and to arrive at decisions faster.