Still no corona vaccination certificates in pharmacies | free press


After a server has been hacked, vaccinated individuals cannot get certificates in pharmacies. The hole in the system is now being searched for.

Berlin (dpa) – Pharmacies across Germany are still unable to issue corona vaccination certificates. It has not yet been determined when the certificates will be available in pharmacies again, a spokeswoman for the German Pharmacists’ Association (DAV) said on Friday.

The DAV had stopped the exhibition in consultation with the federal Ministry of Health, because there were reports of a security breach on Thursday.

The Handelsblatt therefore managed to create a guest account on the DAV server for a non-existent pharmacy owner “using professionally forged documents”, with which two vaccination certificates were subsequently issued online. Therefore, the registered sites are currently being checked. But so far there is no evidence of other unauthorized access, it said Thursday.

Work is underway so that pharmacies can again issue vaccination certificates, the spokeswoman said. A date has not yet been set. According to the DAV, it can be assumed that the more than 25 million vaccination certificates issued to date all come from legally registered pharmacies.