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Stephan Ernst: Lübcke was unable to physically defend himself | Free press

Even a year and a half after the murder of the district president of Kassel, Walter Lübcke, his family has numerous questions about the crime. During the trial, the alleged culprit went in.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – In the last moments before the murder of Kassel district president Walter Lübcke, the CDU politician had no chance to physically defend himself, according to the alleged perpetrator Stephan Ernst.

Ernst answered questions from the Lübcke family in Thursday’s statement before the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt. He confirmed that Markus H., accused of complicity, was present on the terrace of Lübcke’s house.

“H. was on the terrace a little earlier than I was, and when I approached Mr. Lübcke, he looked at H.”, said Ernst, who kept interrupting his written statement with sobs and sobs. There were hardly any new details about the course of the crime. The information was consistent with Ernst’s statement in court. Ernst had provided the police with different information about the course of the crime.

The widow and the two sons of the CDU politician appear as co-prosecutors in the trial before the higher regional court in Frankfurt. In her testimony, Irmgard Braun-Lübcke had urged Ernst to answer the family’s unanswered questions and, above all, to provide information about the last moments in Lübcke’s life.

The 47-year-old German Stephan Ernst is charged with murder. He is said to have shot Lübcke on the terrace of his house in June 2019. In addition, Ernst’s former colleague Markus H. is charged with complicity. He is said to have influenced Ernst politically. The federal prosecutor’s office is based on a right-wing extremist motive.


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