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The media commission in Magdeburg has been postponed until next week. In the week that is still running, the coalition wants to investigate how they can approach each other again.

Magdeburg (dpa) – In the dispute over the radio license, an early departure from the black-red-green coalition in Saxony-Anhalt has been prevented for the time being. The media committee on Wednesday postponed a vote on a resolution recommendation for the state parliament in Magdeburg.

Next Wednesday (December 9) the media experts want to meet again. Parliament is then expected to finally vote on the state treaty on the compensation for broadcasting rights in mid-December.

The CDU, SPD and Greens are currently deeply divided on the issue. If they fail to reach an agreement, a separate vote in the media committee is likely to lead to an early end to the coalition.

The groundbreaking decision of the committee is gaining national interest because Saxony-Anhalt could reverse the increase in broadcast costs for all of Germany on January 1, 2021.

The ruling CDU wants to vote against an 86 cent increase in the radio license fee from 17.50 euros to 18.36 euros – coalition partners SPD and Greens are in favor of the premium. That is why there is a crisis within the coalition that could lead to a break in the Kenyan alliance. The coalition partners actually always want to vote uniformly. Together with the AfD in the opposition, the Christian Democrats could outvote all other parties in the state parliament in mid-December.

To increase broadcast costs in Germany, the approval of all state parliaments is required. Saxony-Anhalt is considered the only wobbly candidate.

In the week that is still running, the coalition wants to investigate how they can approach each other again. The goal is to arrive at a common denominator. There are currently several proposals from the government factions. This also includes the option that the state parliament could not vote at all, but that the state government repeals its bill on the state treaty. Then the increase in the secondment allowance would not come, but at the same time the CDU would not have to form a majority in the state parliament together with the AfD. Other parties at the federal level see a CDU-AfD veto as a breach of the CDU’s dam to the right.

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