Stabbed in the throat: terrorist investigations in Switzerland | Free press


A suspected terrorist randomly attacks two people in a Swiss department store. She stabs a customer in the neck and seriously injures her. The woman known to the police is in custody.

Lugano (AP) – After the knife attack by a woman suspected of sympathizing with the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia in Switzerland, the authorities’ investigation continues.

“This attack does not surprise me,” said Fedpol Federal Police Director Nicoletta della Valle, a few hours after the attack. Such acts would take place all over the world. The woman could be arrested immediately after the crime, a seriously injured victim was in no danger to life.

Police say the 28-year-old Swiss attacked two women on Tuesday afternoon in a department store in her hometown of Lugano in the canton of Ticino. One victim was seriously injured, one slightly. According to the initial findings, the alleged IS sympathizer grabbed a woman by the neck while wounding the second woman in the neck with a stabbing weapon.

I heard screams and turned around. Then I saw a woman on the ground – in the middle of a pool of blood, “said an eyewitness, noisily,” La Regione. “

As the media in Ticino reported, the attacker is said to have previously stolen the knife from the mall’s household department. According to witness statements in the media, she would have called during the attack that she was a member of the terrorist group IS. The perpetrator was stopped by a couple, pulled by the hair and held until the police arrived.

The federal prosecutor’s office has now launched an investigation. It was a “suspected terrorist attack,” as federal police announced to Fedpol. For the commander of the Ticino cantonal police, Matteo Cocchi, the threat of terrorism is pervasive. There are currently no more details. The president of the Ticino government, Norman Gobbi, assumed that the woman had been radicalized: “The situation is extremely serious.”

A link to a knife attack in September, which is also under investigation for suspected terrorist background, is currently unknown. But it will be determined. In mid-September, a 29-year-old Portuguese was stabbed to death in a kebab restaurant. The alleged perpetrator imprisoned is said to have had links with Islamists.

The police in Switzerland have been on the alert since the terrorist attack in Vienna in early November that killed four people. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz condemned the latest knife attack on Twitter. He expressed solidarity with Switzerland. We will together fight Islamic terrorism in Europe and defend our own values, Kurz said.