Square Enix finally reveals the first details about the characters and the universe


Following its official announcement last month with an epic trailer, Square Enix is ​​revealing a little more of its next title with information about the universe and the characters posted on its official website.

A promising UNIVERSE

According to information on the official Square Enix website, the next work of the legendary Japanese franchise is taking place in Valisthéa, a “land blessed with crystals,” whose inhabitants can use magic for protective purposes thanks to the benefits of mother crystals of the six kingdoms that make up this earth. While possession of this magical artifact has long resulted in uncertain peace, it is now threatened by the “Black Scourge”.

In contrast to the other episodes, the primordials in Final Fantasy XIV (Ifrit, Shiva, Titan, Phoenix) reside in the bodies of the emissaries, mortal individuals who have the power to invoke their power and take the form of these overwhelmed units . Emissaries are revered by some nations, while others are more refractory and use them for war purposes.

Six kingdoms for six mother crystals make up the land of Valisthea:

The Archduchy of Rosalia is located in the mid-west of Valisthea, dotted with several small provinces, and is ruled by the Phoenix envoy, the Fire Primordial. With the threat of the Black Scourge looming over the world, the Archduchy is at a difficult time in its history. Rosalia draws its etheric resources from the mother crystal of Souffledrac, which is overlooked by a volcanic island.

The Holy Realm of Sangbrèque is strengthened by its monotheistic cult and religious society and leads a comfortable life, which is offered by Chefdracs mother crystal. At the head of the country’s army is a certain envoy …

The kingdom of Valœd, owner of the mother crystal of Echinedrak, enjoys a certain stability thanks to its sovereign, who is half-heartedly whispered that it would be an envoy who managed to put an end to the barbaric fighting, his country suffered a certain stability. With his unparalleled military might, Valoed exerts his influence on other nations.

The Republic of Dalmekia is governed by a council made up of representatives from its five provinces in which the Titan envoy sits. The access to the immense etheric spring made possible by his crystal mother Cocdrac enables his stranglehold on almost the entire southern part of Valisthéa.

The archipelago in the western part of Valisthéa, the Iron Kingdom, is home to the mother crystal of the Breath of Traces, whose etheric resources are sources of contention with its neighbor, the Archduchy of Rosalia. The inhabitants, nicknamed Blood-of-Rust, ultimately have very little connection with the other kingdoms. The emissaries are despised and executed there.

The Dominion of the Crystal is the only country that does not have an envoy. It is located in the center of Valisthéa and has the largest mother crystal, Caudrac. This small country has been plagued by many armed conflicts throughout its history, which was ultimately confirmed by the fair distribution of the Caudrac ether between countries. Because of his lack of sovereignty, which now officiates as rulership, representatives of other kingdoms sit on their council.

charismatic characters

The official site also features three of the game’s main characters, Clive Rosfield, Joshua Rosfield and Jill Warrick, who appeared in the first trailer.

Clive Rosfield, Archduke of Rosalia’s eldest son, was viewed as the Phoenix envoy who eventually turned out to be his younger brother Joshua. Because of his sword skills and his success at the fencing tournament, he was commissioned to protect Joshua as the guardian of Rosalia. He receives part of his firepower from the emissary. However, Clive is struck by a tragedy and promises to get revenge on Ifrit, whom he suspects is the origin.

Joshua Rosfield is the Archduke’s second son, envoy from Phoenix, and five years younger than Clive. He shyly admires his older brother, whom he viewed as a much more competent envoy than he was.

Jill Warrick is a young girl from the Northern Territories who was entrusted to the court of Rosalia as a promise of peace between the two countries. She is considered an integral part of the Archduke’s family and grew up next to Clive and Joshua, who they consider her friends and confidants.

If you’ve been waiting for more information, you’ll have to wait. Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV) has announced that it plans to focus on developing the next title through 2021. The game will be available on PlayStation 5.