Spotify might introduce TikTok-inspired podcast feed soon – The Testing has already begun!!

Spotify bought a podcast discovery platform called Podz last year for less than $50 million, which was a very low-key deal for Spotify. As a good thing, the name is gone, but the technology from Podz is still used to make a new UI test that some Spotify users are getting. In the toolbar, there’s now a button that opens a TikTok-style feed of podcasts. This could help you find your next pod-binge. If you don’t like this change, there are other music services out there that you can use.

If you or someone you know has used TikTok or even watched someone mindlessly scroll through it, you will be able to figure out Spotify’s new look right away. If you move your finger up, you can swipe through podcasts. Each one will start playing as soon as it comes up on the screen.

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These 60-second previews are meant to give you a taste of what you’ll find in the course. If you like what you hear, you can start the episode right away, or you can save it for when you have time. Below, there’s a video of how it works.

One of the things that might be important to this feature is the algorithm that Podz came up with. It doesn’t require podcast creators to make their own clips. In TechCrunch’s words, it uses machine learning that has been trained on more than 100,000 hours of podcasts.

We can’t even imagine what they did with that bot, but Spotify users are now getting a small amount of the results from the bot. As this is just a test, Spotify could decide to cancel or make a lot of changes to the experience before it goes live.

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