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Spotify is fed up and doesn’t want the Harry and Meghan podcast anymore

Spotify is fed up and doesn’t want the Harry and Meghan podcast anymore

The company is looking for new producers for the royal couple’s show after failing to release new chapters in 2021.

The debut was made with all the pomp one would expect from a blue-blooded family. At Christmas 2020, Harry and Meghan Markle unveiled the first episode of their podcast on Spotify, resulting from a millionaire deal with the platform. In it, his son Archie made his first public debut and wished a happy new year together with guests like Elton John, James Corden or Naomi Osaka.

It was an auspicious start, with a string of stars that would only be accessible thanks to the former royal couple’s fame. But no more episodes have been released since then – and the contract worth more than 20 million euros seems to have failed for the music streaming platform.

The couple had promised more episodes. Spotify officials have said they expect a full series in 2021, but nothing else has surfaced on the Archewell Audio page as of now. Not even after hiring a specialist podcast producer in July. The company said it looks forward to “sharing new content in 2021.” Maybe that’s why the company decided to change the course of things.

Some of Spotify’s latest announcements show that the company is looking for new producers to work exclusively with Archewell Audio. “We are preparing a team that will design and launch Archewell, a new original program that will feature high-profile women,” it said.

“The executive producer will be involved in every step of the show, including episode development, research and production,” he concludes, suggesting that the couple’s inaction will have forced Spotify to take production into their own hands.

Although none of the expected episodes have been released in 2021, Harry and Meghan remain active in starting new businesses, although little to no content has been revealed.

According to The Daily Mail, since moving to the United States in 2020, the couple have founded more than a dozen companies, all based in the state of Delaware, known as a tax haven of sorts within the country’s borders.

After all, it wasn’t just Spotify that got Harry and Meghan signing deals. An agreement with Netflix worth almost €100 million was also announced in 2020, but nothing tangible has come of it yet.


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