Spotify has joined the long list of apps by suspending its services in Russia amidst war

Streaming service Spotify said on Friday that it will stop in Russia because of the country’s new media law, so it will stop there.

The audio streaming service shut down its office in Russia for good this month, citing what it called Moscow’s “unprovoked attack on Ukraine.”

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Russia has passed new laws that say it is against the law to report anything that could hurt the reputation of the Russian military.

Spotify says it still thinks it’s important to try to keep its service running in Russia so that people can get trustworthy, independent news and information from the region. “Unfortunately, new laws have been passed that make it more difficult for people to get information, restrict free speech, and make some types of news illegal.

This puts Spotify’s employees and even some of our listeners at risk.” One person who knows about the situation says that the service will end in early April.

Netflix, another streaming service, stopped service in Russia earlier this month because it said it didn’t plan to add state-run channels to its service in Russia, even though a law would have required it to do so.

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