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Speculators would have bought huge stocks of consoles and discovered their method

Getting the PS5 has been complicated at times for those who pre-ordered Sony’s latest console, but it’s even more difficult for those who wanted to buy it soon after its release. Inventories have been announced everywhere and some traders are not hesitating to raise prices in a totally scandalous way. Could this deficiency have been avoided? Shall we look for mistakes? We invite you to discover one of the possible causes of this enormous lack of storage.

Bulk orders

The only way to get a PlayStation 5 at launch was by pre-ordering. Some have used or even abused them. Some speculators (people who buy highly anticipated products en masse to resell to the highest bidders and generate profits) have used bots to order thousands of consoles and resell them on sites like eBay. , StockX or Instagram. The resale market, of course, is at least partially to blame as it is dominated by groups working together to buy as many products as possible at the same time.

The head of one of those large resale groups said on behalf of Business Insider that his group is “responsible for reselling thousands of PlayStation 5 purchases,” exactly that. Why do speculators use bots? The latter make it possible to identify the exact time at which dealers are saving their stocks. You can also bypass the queues set up by some websites, add the consoles directly to the cart, and automatically validate the purchase. Save valuable time when buying in bulk.

Orders that were already placed during the first containment

However, this type of surgery was not born yesterday. In fact, during the first childbirth, speculators had noticed that childbirth changed the way we consume in general. Groceries and non-essential products were bought in bulk (such as outdoor spas), increasing the prices of the latter, particularly at resale locations. The switch lack of initial lockdown certainly contributed to how these resale specialist groups prepared.

The first restriction therefore served as an example for speculators or even as “training”, so to speak. In fact, one of the managers at CrepChiefNotify (a group that offers to make their speculators and bots available for big events like the launch of the PS5) told Business Insider, “We knew where we should go before we did.” “You don’t announce it”.


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