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Spahn warns of significant increase in corona cases | free press

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has warned the population not to neglect protective measures given the rising corona numbers.

If the incidence continues to double every 12 days, it would be worth more than 400 by September, the CDU politician said in Berlin on Wednesday. Everyone should ask themselves the question, “Do we want this to happen”. Given the contamination situation, the federal government has extended the existing corona rules for travelers until September 10.

Spahn pointed out the importance of opening schools and nurseries in a low-contamination environment. He called for compliance with the known measures. “It’s about wearing a mask in the interior. Get tested regularly. If you haven’t been vaccinated, get vaccinated,” he said. “We are now deciding, now in these days of July, what September, October, November will be like.”

Incidence continues to rise

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported an incidence of 11.4 hours on Wednesday morning (as of 4.36 am). The day before it was 10.9 and at the latest on July 6 it was 4.9. The GGD last reported 2203 new infections to the RKI within one day. A week ago, the value was 1548.

According to the RKI, 47.3 percent of the population has now been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. On Tuesday, 572 482 doses of vaccine were given. This means that approximately 39.3 million people are now fully vaccinated. About 50.1 million (60.2 percent) received at least one vaccine dose.

“No other country in Europe has more people vaccinated than Germany,” Spahn wrote on Twitter. However, that is still not enough to contain the delta variant of the virus.

Corona rules for newcomers extended

In view of other countries, the federal government has meanwhile extended the existing corona rules for travelers until September 10, but has also made it easier for people to go into quarantine. This is apparent from a cabinet resolution on the entry scheme that Spahn presented on Wednesday.

Fully vaccinated individuals who come from so-called virus variant areas can end their quarantine early in the future if they can demonstrate that their vaccination protection against the virus variant in question is effective. According to the new regulation, this is the case when the RKI has established the effectiveness against the virus variant and publishes it on its website. Until now, there is also a strict quarantine requirement for those who are fully vaccinated and come from such areas.

Another innovation is that the 14-day quarantine can be shortened if an area with a virus variant is downgraded to a high-incidence area while returnees are still in quarantine. Then the rules for high incidence areas should apply in the future before the end of the quarantine. The new rules will come into effect when the old rules expire on 28 July.


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