Spahn: Vaccination for young people possible until the end of the summer holidays | Free press


It is still awaiting approval of the vaccines. But Health Minister Spahn is already hoping that there will be an offer for young people soon.

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) believes it is possible that 12 to 18-year-olds in Germany will be offered a vaccination towards the end of the summer holidays.

But that mostly depends on the approval of the vaccines for adolescents, Spahn said on Deutschlandfunk on Tuesday. “The European Medicines Agency said yes, especially today, in late May, early June – if nothing unforeseen happens – approval could be reached.”

It has been agreed with the federal states that the vaccinations for young people will then be carried out – for example by means of series vaccinations in schools or by inviting them to the vaccination centers. By the end of the summer vacation, all 12- to 18-year-olds could get an offer and get at least one vaccination, ideally both, Spahn said. Then school activities could start more normally after the summer holidays.

The Federal Health Minister encouraged older people not to refuse vaccinations from manufacturers Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson. “In fact, I can only appeal to people over 60 who have received an Astrazeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccination offer to accept it. The vaccines are very good and very effective, in some cases even more effective than Biontech, especially in older people, ”he said.

One third of Germans are currently vaccinated at least once. The vaccination coverage is increasing and the incidence is decreasing. “If we can keep it up together, it could be a good summer,” said Spahn. Significantly more vaccination doses will follow in June. There is reason to have confidence, but it is also important that trust does not become arrogant. “Otherwise it will catch up with us way too quickly,” said Spahn.

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