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Spahn ensures that vaccination coverage increases gradually | Free press

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn, after criticizing the start of corona vaccinations in Germany, has gradually promised more speed and promotes broad vaccination readiness.

“This largest vaccination campaign in our history is a collective task,” the CDU politician said in the Bundestag on Wednesday. “We can only really beat the virus if the vast majority of citizens are willing to get vaccinated all year round.” He admitted there was a need to improve processes, but defended joint European tenders that would ensure Germany had enough vaccine. The opposition criticized the start of the vaccination and the general crisis.

Spahn said that more than two weeks after the start of the vaccinations, it naturally shocked. Some things could have gone faster and worked better between the EU, the federal government and the states. But there are reasons for the onset, which is sometimes perceived as slow. The first vaccinations in nursing homes are more complex. Little by little, the states would start operating their vaccination centers and also optimize the allocation of appointments. “The situation will be noticeably better in the second quarter.” With the first two approved vaccines alone, probably everyone in Germany could get a vaccination this summer.

Spahn confirmed that the European approach is also in the national interest. If you did it alone, it would have had negative consequences because of the economic ties. Regular approval in the EU is also important, rather than faster emergency approvals like other countries. Because the willingness to vaccinate will soon come into the picture. “Along the way we will find that we still have to have confidence in the safety of the vaccine.”

The reigning Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller (SPD), demanded clear statements from the federal government on the delivery of vaccines. “It would be a disaster for all of us to invite the vulnerable groups, they get an appointment, they stand in front of the vaccination center, but the vaccine is not there,” said the chairman of the prime minister’s conference in the Bundestag. Spahn now raises the hope that there will probably be a vaccination offer for everyone in the summer. Because two doses are required each time, this means that about 28,000 people have to be vaccinated every day for Berlin, Müller calculated. “But these 28,000 are now our weekly supply and not the daily supply.”

FDP leader Christian Lindner criticized the logistics and the pace of the start is embarrassing. Left-wing party leader Amira Mohamed Ali spoke of a stumbled vaccination start. In response to Spahn’s statement that it could be shocking at first, she asked, “When will it stop shocking?” Green party leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt complained: “It cannot be that the granddaughter has to search the internet so that the 80-year-old grandfather can get a vaccination appointment.” For the AfD, Member of Parliament Sebastian Munzenmaier spoke of a “vaccination disaster”.

The co-governing SPD again called for improvements. “Vaccination saves lives,” says MP Bärbel Bas. Therefore, everything must be done to get better on this point. Questions Spahn posed by the SPD about orders or production capacities were “not the noise of the election campaign.” Trade union speakers, on the other hand, criticized the coalition partner’s catalog of questions.

Spahn asked for understanding that due to the high number of infections, stricter corona restrictions are still needed. The measures are harsh and turn life, for example in schools and families, upside down. “But: we have to go through it together now.” It’s important to trust each other even under stress and not let yourself be driven apart by generating fears. The Left, FDP and the Greens criticized delays in helping closed businesses. The AfD called for an end to the “disproportionate lockdown” and instead for greater protection for residents of retirement and nursing homes.


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