Spahn considers offering everyone a booster | free press


Berlin (dpa) – Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) is considering offering all citizens a corona booster vaccination.

The countries are now gradually starting so-called booster vaccinations in health care facilities and for particularly vulnerable people, he told the editorial network Germany (RND). In addition, those who had previously only received vector vaccines — including Astrazeneca — could be revaccinated. “In a second step, we can then think about offering everyone a booster,” he said.

“A booster vaccination is under the approvals, it strengthens and extends the vaccination protection,” he explained. Sufficient vaccine is also available. In his own words, Spahn mainly relies on general practices for booster vaccinations. Many vaccination centers went on standby at the end of September, he said. ‘But the doctors’ offices are still there. They alone got up to five million vaccinations a week.”

When asked by the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide poorer countries with a vaccine before a third vaccination, Spahn said, “My goal is both: to guarantee booster vaccinations and to donate vaccines to poorer countries.” Germany is already doing the latter, with all outstanding Astrazeneca deliveries going directly to the international vaccine initiative Covax.

Illnesses after corona vaccination breakthroughs

The virologist Christian Drosten had indicated that in his opinion no booster vaccination against Sars-CoV-2 would be necessary for the majority of persons vaccinated in the autumn. “The protective effect of the corona vaccines is much better than, for example, the flu vaccines,” he told the German news agency. For the elderly and certain risk patients, a booster vaccination this autumn is useful, according to Drosten. For the rest of the population, an age level can be determined at some point from when a booster vaccination would be useful.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach told the papers of the Funke media group: “Breakthrough infections occur in people whose corona vaccination was more than six months ago.” Vaccination breakthroughs occur regardless of the vaccine used. “With all corona vaccines, the chance of a vaccination breakthrough increases after six months. So we will probably see more cases soon once a number of people vaccinated in Germany have been vaccinated more than half a year ago.”

Diseases following breakthroughs in the corona vaccination are generally not as dangerous as diseases in unvaccinated people. “The odds of requiring hospital treatment are also significantly lower for those who would be at an increased risk of hospitalization due to their age group without vaccination.” But there are two other serious problems: “According to a new study, 19 percent of people with vaccine breakthroughs have a long-term covid problem. In addition, those who become infected after a breakthrough vaccination are just as contagious as those who have not been vaccinated, albeit not.” so long.”

According to Lauterbach, new studies assume that the effect of the vaccines is significantly prolonged after a third vaccination. “The protection will not be permanent, but will last considerably longer than six months.”

Meanwhile, Spahn assumes that private organizers, hotels or restaurants will increasingly refrain from admitting unvaccinated people, not even with a corona test. “2G will come into many areas without government intervention as organizers and restaurateurs exercise their home rights,” he told the RND. The term 2G includes those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.