Spahn and RKI warn against opening too soon | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has warned against carelessness over the declining number of corona infections.

“The third wave appears to be broken,” the CDU politician said in Berlin on Friday. Due to the cautious behavior of the citizens and the effect of the federal emergency brake, the number of infections is falling. But they are still at a high level. Now the downward trend must be stabilized and a renewed increase in numbers must be prevented. “But you can’t do that with hasty relaxation. Too many open quite a bit at a relatively high initial incidence, ”said Spahn.

The president of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) also insists on patience and careful opening steps. The current development with decreasing incidents, slightly decreasing occupancy in intensive care and more and more vaccinations give hope “that we can quickly control the pandemic”, says Lothar Wieler. Nevertheless, measures remained necessary to reduce contact and compliance with the rules.

“The increasing vaccination coverage will bring a very noticeable relief in the near future,” said Wieler. But until measures and rules can be largely waived, the share of immunocompromised people in the population must be more than 80 percent. Even then, there will still be infections and outbreaks, but no more waves. “Then we will have the pandemic under control,” said Wieler.

In intensive care units, according to the RKI boss, there has so far only been a decrease in the number of patients in the lighter Covid-19 cases. More than 70 percent of intensive care units reported limited or full capacity. “These are the highest values ​​in this pandemic.”

Minister Spahn warned: “Now it is a matter of holding out together for the coming weeks. We’ve been talking for weeks or a few months now. Spahn emphasized, “At this stage of the pandemic, the intention is not really to gamble what has been achieved.” There is reason to be optimistic and confident. “Too much impatience, on the other hand, would only help the virus.”

Spahn called for that where detachment takes place, it must be done outside. For cultural events in regions with an occurrence below 100, these must be provided outside – and with an admission test.

Nationally, the number of new infections per 100,000 residents fell in seven days, according to the Robert Koch Institute, from Friday to 125.7. A week ago it was 153.4. Within one day, there were 18,485 new corona infections.

“Our health care system is under a lot of pressure, but at no point is it overwhelmed,” says Spahn. At the same time, vaccinations made significant progress. 26.2 million people are now vaccinated at least once – 31.5 percent of the population. Next week every third person will be vaccinated once. 8.8 percent would have full protection. About 200,000 second vaccinations were added the day before. Regarding the acceleration after a slow vaccination rate in the beginning, Spahn said, “Germany is quite good at penalty kicks.”