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Meanwhile, 57.5% of the total population has been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. But the number of cases is increasing.

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn has called again to take advantage of offers for corona vaccinations.

For everyone it’s about the decision, “whether you risk an infection without protection with all the possible consequences of a disease – or whether you protect yourself with a vaccination,” said the CDU politician in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”.

Given the increasing number of cases and the more contagious strain of the Delta virus, anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated will “pretty sure be infected” in the coming weeks and months. Spahn emphasized that vaccines are available for every age group from the age of 12 and that there are more and more simple vaccination offers on the ground.

According to the ministry, 47.8 million people or 57.5 percent of the total population are now fully vaccinated with the second syringe, which is usually necessary. Nearly 52.7 million people or 63.3 percent of all residents received at least one first vaccination.

Last of the 16 federal states, Saxony has now almost reached 50 percent among fully vaccinated residents – 49.9 percent have now received the necessary syringes. In front-runner Bremen, this is now 68 percent of the population.

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