“Sound of Metal”: The new film by Riz Ahmed, which the critics praise again and again

A drummer loses his hearing and his whole reason for life. This is the new and challenging role of the actor who shone on “The Night Of”.

It’s the actor’s new big role

Ruben’s life is to mercilessly attack Ruben in a steamy bar night after night. Next to him is Lou, his girlfriend and partner in the metal duo Blackgammon. At a certain point, the clicking of the drumsticks creates a buzz. It grows and suddenly the voices drown out. Ruben is deaf.

Ruben is the new big challenge for Riz Ahmed, the main character of “Sound of Metal”, a drama that marks the debut of Darius Marder as a director – who co-signed the script for “The Place Where Everything Ends”. The film has been available on the Amazon Prime streaming platform since December 4th.

Beyond the deafness, the film tells the story of a disturbed man who found a healthy way to deal with life and addiction – a routine that is shattered and leads to him losing everything he likes. With no music and no partner, he has to enter a clinic where a former alcoholic who lost his hearing in Vietnam helps him lead a life without sound.

The 38-year-old Brit is one of the greatest talents of his generation and the reviewer seems to be confirming this is his big role after winning an Emmy in 2016 for participating in the miniseries “The Night Of”.

Ahmed, a hip-hop talent and an Oxford graduate, had to return to the classroom to prepare for the role of Ruben. In addition to taking drum lessons, he worked for a sign language teacher for months. This was perhaps the hardest step.

“I am a verbal communicator. But learning to play the drums and use sign language helped me get paper. Jeremy Stone, my instructor, explained to me that in the deaf community it is said that people who listen are emotionally repressed because they tend to hide behind the words, “he explains” Time. “When I use the language learned, I realized what they meant. I was much more emotional than communication – because I was communicating with my whole body. “

He was seen in Hollywood in a small role on “Nightcrawler” as the assistant to a sick Jake Gyllenhaal selling accident pictures to local televisions. The director, chosen by Dan Gilroy for the role, still praises the surprise of seeing Ahmed improvise throughout the film and even take the character beyond the script. It was followed by “Jason Bourne”, the hit “The Night Of” and of course the highlights in “Star Wars: Rogue One” and as the villain in “Venom”.

“Marder and I always joked that we are devourers: We love to get involved in this experience. When I learned that this was an intense and emotional role that involved learning sign language and playing the drums, I realized that the idea was something so absurd that I wanted to get into it right away. I think that’s how I live my life too: I shoot myself in the head. “

The dive seems to have convinced the reviewer. With an extraordinary indicator of 96 percent in the Rotten Tomatoes critics aggregator, this seems to be the new role that will determine Ahmed’s career, which shines in a film that is highly acclaimed as it transports us into the world of Ruben with sound.

“It’s a film that not only allows for silence, but thrives in it, with Ahmed’s eyes and body language determining the arc of his character. And not a single blow is missed, ”says website critic Roger Ebert.