Sony’s next-gen console is already exploding in PS4 sales

Pre-orders for the next generation consoles were a complete fiasco. Limited inventory was quickly robbed and deliveries could well be delayed. Yet as the world’s specialist editors begin to discover the underside of the PlayStation 5, Sony shows that the sales have been explosive and unprecedented.

explosive sales

The PlayStation 5 was home and scheduled for the past week in a happy part of the world for November 19, and had record pre-orders. In an interview with Reuters Columns, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, revealed that the PS5 sold as well in the first 12 hours as the PS4 did in the US in the first 12 weeks. A demand that is classified as “very considerable” and enables the PlayStation 5 to break records even before it is released.

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Although the exact number of consoles is unknown, it has been estimated that nearly a million, if not more, consoles were pre-ordered in the first 12 hours. And with good reason, the PlayStation 4 had sold more than a million copies 4 months after its release. The console had sold more than a million copies in the first 24 hours in the United States. These excellent numbers suggest the enthusiasm for Sony’s next-gen console.

Unfortunately, PlayStation 5 stocks are limited at launch. Players who try to buy it from a retailer on the day of its release will likely walk away empty-handed, as many other players did shortly after opening pre-orders. Regardless, it is expected that stocks of next-generation consoles will replenish after the first few months, so that those affected can get their hands on them at any time. Until then, however, patience is required.

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