Sony wants you to spit even more money with this new patent


Last March, Sony surprised the eSports world by purchasing the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), an event with tournaments dedicated to various fighting games. The Japanese giant has partnered with RTS, a new esports organization, to make this acquisition. Sony is thus setting foot in the world of eSports, even more if we consider a new patent with which gamers should spit out even more money.

an online betting system signed by sony

Online betting has gained momentum with the democratization of the internet. Applications, websites, on-site betting and betting methods have diversified over the years. And after sports betting, esports betting is gaining momentum with the global rise of esports. Many fans want to bet on their favorite teams, the chance for Sony to win in this environment. Although filed in 2019, a patent surfaced from the depths that month. The Sony-signed system describes a system that allows users to wager money (including bitcoins) or digital objects, with the probabilities determined by machine learning.

Through this system, Sony would allow players to bet on live or upcoming games. In theory, duels in fighting games could be affected, hence the takeover of EVO at the beginning of the year. With this system, Sony would use the histories of the players, but also those of the eSports teams, to determine the chances of winning. Data determined by the current game or the history of the competing player, namely his number of wins and losses or his rivalry with his opponent. However, this patent wants to go further and offer fast and live betting.

Special bets

“For example, it is possible to search a video to see where in the video a virtual grenade has the ability to kill a character, two or three,” the patent says. A special bet that could only be the tree that hides the forest. Thus, other bets of this type would be offered to the players. A bet that such a player would be beaten or knocked down within the next X minutes could be offered, but also more traditional bets such as total points for the team, a specific player or the winner of the game. If one wants to believe this patent, the original postulate goes even further. Indeed, it would be possible to bet against your friends or other viewers. In addition, bets could be selected from a predetermined list and sent to other Internet users as the identity of the next person hit.

His followers would then have the option to turn to personalized or fixed quotas. Obviously, it is not that Sony patented this system that it will never see the light of day. Many systems have been abandoned because of an unsatisfactory end result. With the takeover of the EVO at the beginning of the year, it is possible that Sony will come up with a betting system based on the idea of ​​this patent. The original postulate should evolve according to the final or non-final tests carried out by Sony.

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