Sony threatens the dealer of interchangeable plates

British prop maker Custom Plate LTD has already faced threats from Sony regarding replacement color plates planned for the PS5. If the props had taken into account the manufacturer’s threats and made changes, it would seem that they still don’t suit the Japanese company.

After several threats, the props cancel everything

According to the website, Custom Plates LTD was obliged to cancel all orders for these famous plates. The manufacturer had changed its name from to and changes to its website, but Sony is still not satisfied. The prop maker had effectively verified Sony’s patent status on the panels “pending” according to Custom Plates LTD, implying that “there would be no problem”. Except no …

Attorneys at the firm requested the name to be changed because it was a trademark infringement. The manufacturer therefore bowed to the indulgences of Sony and started developing the product after changing its name.

On the other hand, he faced further threats from lawyers for the Japanese company. Accordingly, the records are the intellectual property of Sony. If Custom Plates LTD continued to market and distribute, the case would end in court.

Sony may hear strong demand from gamers

As a result, the UK manufacturer has decided to meet Sony’s requirements and cancel and refund any orders that have been placed. He doesn’t hide his disappointment because the demand was high! The various models sold for 34.95 euros and were all sold out before Sony called in its lawyers. This shows that the future owners of the PS5, whose marketing is set for November 19th, would like to receive this accessory. To see if Sony can hear and offer the same plating system to change the color of the front of the console, which is currently only offered in white. At this time, Sony has not commented on this possibility, despite rumors of the launch of this type of product.

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