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Sony may not be able to prevent removable platter sales forever

We haven’t heard about the case of interchangeable plates for the PS5 … In fact, we recently learned that Sony’s lawyers have done all they can to stop the non-removable plate from being marketed. Official of the Japanese manufacturer’s future console offered by UK prop maker CustomizeMyPlates.com. If we thought the story was over now, it isn’t! The prop maker is coming back!

The return of unofficial replaceable panels

In fact, CustomizeMyPlates.com recently rebooted the business with a tweet hoping to count on player mobilization to bend Sony with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign. The goal is clear: the community put pressure on the company to accept the manufacture of these famous interchangeable plates.

See the original tweet

“If we were to start a crowdfunding campaign, would you help us put pressure on Sony to allow the company to make the records? It would be a shame to waste all of our efforts.”

And the manufacturer will start this crowdfunding campaign as well as a petition to achieve their goals.

It will be very difficult for Sony to prevent commercialization

The VideoGamesChronicle website wanted to know if CustomizeMyPlates’ plans could bear fruit. According to a major prop maker in the market, the Japanese maker could not indefinitely prevent the maker from marketing the accessory in question. Especially since it will be difficult for Sony to prevent the production of these types of unofficial products when we see the example of the third-party controller, which can easily become unusable with the help of updates. . Especially when you know that the console’s white shell is very easy to remove.

It just remains to be seen if CustomizeMyPlates will actually launch its campaign and get approval from Sony’s lawyers. The manufacturer has already announced that it will shortly present its plan of attack in detail. To be continued in the next episode.


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