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Sony is about to reveal its competitor for Microsoft’s Game Pass

While December saw many gamers scramble to get their hands on a next-gen console to put under the tree, the well-informed Bloomberg heralded the arrival of a competitor to Game Pass by PlayStation: the Spartacus Project. And just a few weeks after this reveal, there is a rumor suggesting an upcoming announcement for this new service.

a competitor to Microsoft Game Pass

Although internally called Spartacus, this competitor to Microsoft’s Game Pass could keep the PlayStation Plus name. However, the formula would change, starting with the merger of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. While PlayStation Plus boasts 46 million subscribers on the counter, Sony’s cloud gaming service PlayStation Now only convinced 3.2 million players (as of May 2021). To reduce the number of services and refocus offerings, PlayStation would work for a serious competitor to Game Pass.

The benefits of PlayStation Plus would continue to be relevant, while welcoming the arrival of a catalog of games that can be accessed at no additional cost for each subscription. According to information from Bloomberg, this new service would offer three tiers. The first subscription tier would consist of the pre-existing benefits of PlayStation Plus. The second tier would offer their site a large catalog of free games, while the third and final tier would add enhanced demos, the Cloud Gaming streaming service, and a library of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games.

A pleasant offer on paper that could excite many PlayStation Plus subscribers, given that it’s a serious competitor to Game Pass. And just weeks before the release of Horizon Forbidden West, the next big PlayStation exclusive, a rumor now suggests that the announcement of this new service could be imminent. A rumor based on PlayStation’s recent communication regarding free monthly PlayStation Plus games. As you know, every month Sony rewards the loyalty of its PlayStation Plus subscribers by giving them several PS4, PS5 and/or PlayStation VR freebies.

for an announcement in a few weeks?

And this month of February 2022, when the PlayStation Plus Games of the Month (namely EA Sports UFC 4, Tiny Tina and the Dragon Fortress: A Wonderful Adventure and Planet Coaster: Console Edition) were announced, PlayStation did something quite usual, decided to to change the accompanying communication. Formerly accompanied by the usual “For PlayStation Plus members” (“For PlayStation Plus members” in Shakespearean lingo), these games are now accompanied by the mention “Available this month at no additional cost” (“Available this month at no additional cost costs” in English).

A change in PlayStation’s communications that could portend an announcement for this competitor to Microsoft’s Game Pass. And while Sony hasn’t formalized anything yet, a “huge” State of Play is being announced by various insiders for the month of February. In particular, the date of February 3 will be brought forward. Info or Intox? It’s still too early to know. Despite this, PlayStation and Sony will not fail to communicate on the subject when the time comes.


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