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Sony Celebrates Console Launch With Event In Paris (Video)

It was official yesterday when the PS5 was made available to us in France. As usual, the Japanese giant Sony wanted to mark the occasion despite the restriction in force in France.

A show “made in” Sony

For the launch of the PS5, Sony took the small courts in terms of communication to the big ones to pay tribute to its console, which it seems particularly proud of. In England, for example, thanks to a partnership between Sony and the London Underground, the British had the right to a wink that won the hearts of fans. For France, the Japanese company opted for a different strategy …

So it was last night, Place de l’Opéra, when the PlayStation 5 decided to light up Paris. This show is then in line with what has already been done in other major cities such as Dubai, New York or Tokyo to launch the new Sony console with great enthusiasm. If this is not necessarily what the Japanese manufacturer would have hoped for the launch of its console, COVID-19, which would have liked to organize large-scale events as usual, would have decided differently, and Sony therefore had to choose. to adjust.

With a 3D animation show, Sony decided to honor its PS5. In addition, the facade of the Olympia, the famous Parisian auditorium, was requested for the occasion and then a “welcome” to the next Sony console, which is already sold out as a souvenir. in France.


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