Sony boss plans a great success for the end of the year

The head of Sony spoke to the press again four days before his last intervention. After promising more PS5 exclusives, he tried to reassure fans about another black mark for the Japanese company.

Sony in an uproar

Getting a PS5 soon six months after it’s on the market is always complicated these days. Ecommerce websites are constantly saturated the moment a replenishment is started and they run out in a flash. This is the fault of scalpers who use bots to buy multiple consoles at once before reselling them all for a high price on sites like Ebay or Rakuten.

Additionally, a few months earlier, we learned that AMD, the supplier of microprocessors and graphics cards for the PS5, was unable to provide the production it needed, with the health crisis being the main one.

A situation that obviously upsets Sony Interactive Entertainment and forces the Japanese multinational to regularly defend itself. Four days ago, boss Jim Ryan tried to reassure the PS5 community by promising more exclusive products. The exclusive Playstation products are one of the main selling points at Sony. The company is playing against its competitor Microsoft with this historic strategy. But what used to be a strength is now becoming a weakness with the limited amount of exclusive content players have to eat.

Shares by the end of the year, but …

This Monday, April 26th, new intervention from Jim Ryan. In an interview with Japanese media Nikkei, he tried to improve the situation by promising more PS5 shares by the end of the year. In what way ? Ryan says he’s putting pressure on component manufacturers like AMD to supply more parts and thereby increase production. The discussions would be on the right track, he said.

However, manufacturing these components is not a priority for AMD. In fact, the company claimed to make more money making Raedon graphics cards than it did by working with Sony or Microsoft. Is it a rush on Jim Ryan to buy time and try to face a situation that seems to excel him?

The future will show. Nevertheless, the head of Sony spoke publicly twice within four days. It is almost unknown.

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