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Some unscrupulous traders take advantage of Kentaro Miura’s death

A week ago we learned of the tragic death of Kentaro Miura, who was taken away at the age of 54. Many honors have been paid to the famous mangaka. Berserker fans mourned a job that might never end (although Miura’s assistant and the Mangaka’s childhood friend could possibly pick up the torch) and embark on a hike as well. General price for berserk treats. The premonition of these internet users was good as some resellers tried to withdraw from the game upon learning of Kentaro Miura’s death. We take stock of the issue.

The prices of derivatives are skyrocketing

Unfortunately, we know that when an artist dies, his work tends to increase in value. We have seen many examples of this in the past, and the death of Kentaro Miura, viewed by many as a genius manga artist, was no exception. It was the first time on Twitter that the first whistleblowers were heard. Some have lamented the fact that certain free (but relatively rare) goodies are resold under the guise of tribute to Kentaro Miura:

After a while you gotta go fuck yourself anyway, are we talking about a bookmark that was free?
And dares to say “Miura tribute”
What a dog pic.twitter.com/Hb2xJ8txTm

May 23, 2021

Really, there are some who just want to take advantage of Miura’s death to fill their pockets. Even if you offer me € 2000, I won’t let go of mine. pic.twitter.com/aIVW39Hh8W

May 24, 2021

Waaaaaaahh I don’t know if it was related to Miura’s death, but the prices for Berserk Deluxe have skyrocketed on the website I buy from … (luckily the only ones that are cheap are the ones I don’t have) pic.twitter.com / VYz8NEL9wR

May 22, 2021

These items aren’t the only ones that have seen an increase for several days. The OSTs of Berserker films, for example, which have already been sold at a relatively high price (depending on the CD, it was usually 25 to 40 euros), are currently being offered for sale on Amazon for around 100 euros, as is the case with Amazon is the third CD in the trilogy, which you can find below:

Can we really accuse all traders of wanting to make a profit by profiting from the death of Kentaro Miura? In fact, it’s a little more complicated. There are many products from the Berserker universe (figurines, OSTs and other products of all kinds) and some of them are extremely rare and always had a very high resale price compared to their purchase price. Since Berserker fans knew the state of health of the famous mangaka, there was an increase in these products even before his death. For some collector’s products, however, the price at resale points has risen sharply for about a week.

new Berserker products

In addition to goodies and various berserk products, the price of which has sometimes suddenly risen, new derivatives have emerged. In order to sell these new products, the sellers do not hesitate to evoke a “tribute to Kentaro Miura”. You can find an example of this type of derivative with the t-shirt that you can discover below:

A t-shirt on the Annadine.com website for 22.96 euros:

It is certain that we will see more new products like this one in the coming weeks, created to pay homage to the famous mangaka that many believe left too soon. Whether it is products that existed before Miura’s death or products that were made after her death, we recommend that you consider the price of these products before you spend a dime. Several dedicated forums and comparison sites can help you with your buying process if you are interested in the problem and want to avoid all kinds of online scams.


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