Solidarity with Palestinians: huge demonstration in London | Free press


In any case, according to the organizers, more than 180,000 people would have participated: London has witnessed one of the largest pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the history of the country.

London (AP) – Thousands of people have expressed solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza conflict during protests in Britain.

Organizers estimate that more than 180,000 people attended a pro-Palestinian protest in London on Saturday afternoon. This number could not be confirmed by an independent party. Police said in their late evening situation report of “a significant number” of participants, but did not give a specific number.

The Guardian wrote that it could be “one of the largest pro-Palestinian demonstrations in British history.” According to the paper, there were also pro-Palestinian solidarity protests in Manchester, Bristol, Peterborough and Nottingham.

A video showed the London crowd repeatedly shouting “Free, Free Palestine” and many participants waving Palestinian flags. Police said the majority marched safely from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park, where the crowd quietly dispersed after the announced speeches. In the evening, a small group caused damage to a passing car on nearby streets, throwing objects at officials. There were seven arrests. But there were no major incidents.

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