Söder on candidacy for chancellor: “Helmut Kohl 2.0” would be unwise | Free press


Munich (dpa) – CSU boss Markus Söder is not only making unity between himself and CDU boss Armin Laschet, despite his conceding in the power struggle for the Union’s candidacy for chancellor.

“There is no personal rift between us, but we have a different understanding of democracy and program,” said the Bavarian Prime Minister in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Saturday). Laschet had defeated Söder in the dispute over the candidacy for chancellor on Tuesday, after which Söder had promised to support him without resentment and with full force.

The decision of a committee is important, said Söder of the “Süddeutsche”, without explicitly mentioning the vote of the CDU federal executive for Laschet. “But the belief that political or personal decisions can still be made in committees today, completely independent of the basics and people’s expectations, is out of step with the times.”

When asked why his bid for the candidacy was different from Laschets, Söder replied to the newspaper: “It was clear to me that we needed a new start for the Union. I don’t think it would be wise to make a “Helmut Kohl 2.0” policy from the past after the progressive Merkel years. That would be too old-fashioned. Nobody wants the old ’90s union back. We need a political new deal instead of an old school. “

In the federal elections in September, Söder expects the Union to achieve a result of more than 30 percent. “It has to be a result of more than 30 percent – closer to 35 percent,” he said. In the 2017 elections, the sister parties together had achieved 32.9 percent. He also called on the CDU boss: “We will do everything we can for a good Bavarian result, but of course the core responsibility always lies with the candidate for chancellor, also for the result in Bavaria. Because candidates pull the parties today and not the other way around. “

The Union must formulate its ambitions and set an electoral goal. “And from my point of view, that can’t be the hope of saving yourself in a triple constellation,” he said. “Our competitors are the Greens, our opponent is the AfD.”

His persistence against Laschet, in addition to the support of polls, had reasons for substance, as Söder explained to the newspaper. “I was also not convinced by the reasons for the candidacy. I am in favor of modernizing the program, ”he said. This includes the subject of the environment. “For us, the Greens are the most politically and intellectually demanding competitor. Responding to this with arguments from thirty years ago is no longer an option for large parts of the population. ‘

For Laschet as a Union candidate, the fact that he successfully ruled the great state of North Rhine-Westphalia and was a man of balance, Söder said. “It’s a great thing to integrate; he is suitable for this position and has my support. “He himself accepted the vote of the CDU Federal Executive Committee out of responsibility for the Union. He was” more at peace with the outcome than sharing the CDU base. ” of the CDU, which also takes responsibility for the procedure and the outcome. “

He will actively participate in the election campaign, Söder promised: “As Paulchen Panther always says: today is not every day, I will definitely be back.”