Söder does not believe in an early federal state conference | Free press


Will the next federal state round come sooner than expected? CSU boss Marku Söder does not believe in it. Opinions in the countries are too different for a uniform approach.

Munich (dpa) – Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder no longer expects a conference of the federal and state governments this week on the further corona course. There probably won’t be an early prime minister’s conference, the CSU chief said after the Bavarian cabinet meeting in Munich.

He justified this with the differing views between the countries about a uniform approach, for another hard lockdown, for example. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the uniformity needed for the tougher course at the moment.

“I think the idea is correct,” Söder stressed, but at the moment there is no support from the SPD countries, nor is there “strong support” from the CDU countries. A “blanket lockdown” can only be decided uniformly by the federal and state governments, otherwise there is a risk of a new patchwork quilt.

The “emergency brake” already provides a tool for regional solutions, but it should be considered whether this cannot be enshrined in a federal law “so that it applies to everyone”. Söder again criticized that the measures stored in the “emergency brake”, such as a curfew, were not being implemented uniformly. This should also be decided at the next prime minister’s conference.

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