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It is still unclear what kind of coalition will rule the country after the federal elections in the autumn. It is already clear to CSU boss Söder what role the union should not play in this.

Berlin (dpa) – CSU boss Markus Söder is against the Union’s role as a junior partner in a government. “I think green-black is wrong,” he said against the backdrop of studies that are currently keeping the Union and the Greens close together.

“Joining a government as a junior partner of the Greens would do fundamental long-term damage to the Union,” said Söder. The CSU boss stressed: “If the Union no longer supplies the chancellor, he will de facto be voted out. And a party that has been voted out must take a different path of renewal – in the opposition. ‘

Söder rejects tax increases after the federal election. “We are clearly against tax increases,” the Bavarian prime minister told the Funke media group newspapers. “How can you increase taxes at a time when we need a boom? The left parties are demanding capital taxes that would stifle the middle class and be unconstitutional. I firmly believe that tax cuts will generate more tax revenue in the long run than tax increases, ”said Söder. The CSU wants to “reduce taxes sooner through a reform of the climate tax”.

Söder also called for an economic stimulus program. The goal must be the digital and ecological transformation of the economy. This requires major investments. Otherwise, Germany would dramatically lose ground in competition with China and the US. Söder remained unremarkable about the scope of such a program. “Right now, I’m a little concerned about the federal budget,” he said. After the general election, a “fair opening balance” is necessary.

Söder also spoke out for the head of the regional CSU group in the Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt, as the party’s best candidate. Alexander Dobrindt, as regional group chairman, is a natural top contender, the CSU leader said, adding, “But we will still discuss this together. We want a younger, more feminine list and will compete equally – this would be a are novelty for the CSU in federal elections. “

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