Söder calls for higher penalties for anti-Semitism | Free press

Markus Söder believes that tough action against anti-Semitism is necessary. In addition, the CSU boss is calling for a “new idea of ​​integration” in the spirit of a free, democratic society.

Berlin (dpa) – CSU chief Markus Söder has called for tougher measures against hostility towards Jews. “Anti-Semitism – including everyday anti-Semitism – is a serious offense. We should operate with higher penalties, ”the Bavarian prime minister told the Funke media group newspapers.

Söder also considers a “new integration idea” necessary. “Ultimately, it should be clear: be it Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus or atheists – everyone should feel like German citizens and live the philosophy of a free, democratic society,” said Söder.

The Central Jewish Council criticized the fact that German criminal law does not permit action against many reports of hate. “We currently receive about 50 messages of hate per day,” said Bild am Sonntag Chairman of the Central Council Josef Schuster. Most senders knew exactly how to proceed in order not to be prosecuted for the verbal assaults, he said.

The International Auschwitz Committee also expressed concern. “Every anti-Semitic protest attack, every Israeli flag, every Jewish star crossed out, every stumbling block destroyed, confirms that something has slipped in society,” said Christoph Heubner, vice president of the committee, of the Funke media group newspapers. . This shows that the perpetrators hoped for tacit approval for their hatred of Jews.

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