Snapchat now allows users to share YouTube videos through the Snap camera directly

The best place to look for music, learn how to make things at home, and find new things to learn about is YouTube. Snapchat is great for finding short, random videos with graphics that look like your friends’ MySpace pages from 2003. Regardless of how the two sites look, both focus on content discovery and social tools. When Snapchat users share YouTube videos through the Snap camera, they can now find new things to find.

If you want to share links to stories and Snapchats by looking at them, you can do that while still using the camera and Snapchat’s Creative Tools. Also, Snapchat users can tap on a YouTube sticker to go to a video on the site.

To share, click on “Share.” Then, choose Snapchat. When you do this, the camera UI comes up on the screen.
In the camera, you can make a Snap with a YouTube sticker on it.
Your friends will be able to tap the Sticker, which sends them right to the YouTube app or the browser you use to watch videos.

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This new feature opens up a whole new world of ways to share content, and it could boost viewership on both platforms. It could also help businesses and brands reach more people as they figure out how to use the integration in the best way possible. For people who use YouTube every day, it makes watching and commenting on videos a lot easier. If you have the most recent version of Snapchat, you should already be able to use this feature.

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