Slow J and Sérgio Godinho will be working on the south bank at the end of May


Slow J and Sérgio Godinho will be working on the south bank at the end of May

The Festival do Maio is back in Seixal where there will be a street food area.

Slow J is one of the headliners.

After the concert by Diogo Piçarra and Fausto on the occasion of the festivities on April 25th, another major cultural event will take place in the Parque Urbano do Seixal. On May 28th and 29th you can see the second edition of the Festival do Maio.

This year, and following the success of the first edition, the event will feature well-known names from the national artistic milieu, with a focus on Sérgio Godinho and Slow J.

On May 28th, Friday, you can see concerts by Cátia Mazari Oliveira, a singer from Setubal, Ana Tijoux, a Chilean artist, and Luís Varatojo who will present the Luta Livre project. The concerts with better known names will not take place until the next day. The performances of Sérgio Godinho, Slow J and Bezegol start on Saturday at 8 p.m. and end at 11:30 p.m.

At the intervals of each performance, videos are shown in which actors and singers interpret poems with an intermediate role, written by names such as Ary dos Santos, António Gedeão, Sidónio Muralha, Manuel Alegre and Luís Silva.

According to the Mayor of Seixal, Joaquim Santos, this is an initiative that distinguishes itself through the intervention discourse, non-discrimination and self-determination of the people, making it a unique cultural moment for those struggling for a more just society. “

Under the artistic direction of Luís Varatojo, these two nights aim to stage artistic initiatives that have various themes as the central element of his speech – from the fight against ethnic and gender-based discrimination to environmental activism and social criticism. It also shows the perspectives of new artists and singers with a historical legacy.

Tickets are already available at the usual locations. You can buy for just one day and pay € 5. If you prefer, there is a ticket for a group of four for € 15. Up to 12 years the ticket costs € 2.50.