“Sky Rojo” is here, the Tarantino series from the makers of “La Casa de Papel”

Comedy, action and drama – has it all

Álex Pina is the man of the moment in Spain, at least since he signed the worldwide phenomenon “La Casa de Papel”. The “villain” and the “pathological shy” returned to the studio and left with the series that is said to be the new great global success of Spanish television: “Sky Rojo”.

Arrivals on Netflix will be on Friday March 19th. The production appears in a compact format with eight episodes of around 25 minutes each – a little over three hours in total. It was a conscious option.

“It’s what people want, faster and more intense consumption of all kinds of fiction. We see how everyone is constantly looking at the phone and watching series on the tablets (…). You have to have brutal attention to captivate the viewer every minute and a half, ”explains Esther Martínez Lobato in an interview that the series did with Pina.

To do this, it was necessary to break down the traditional chronological order and make everything more dynamic and hectic. “We completely changed the narrative and fitted a drama and a series of actions into such small units of time that we can feel what we really want to convey, the volatility of everything.”

While they admit that this is a sexy series, they also try to reflect the drama of prostitution – but in a different format than what has already been done.

“We have always tried to create a Frankenstein in which we have to do a social drama or a documentary to tell such a drama. We decided to go the other way, maybe the most superficial, namely action and comedy. But I think comedy is useful for telling great dramas, ”says Pina.

It’s a series “with enough pain” to make the usual fiction, albeit in the clothes of a different cinematographic genre. They call it Latin pulp.

The history

The series follows the path of three prostitutes who, at a dramatic moment, decide to give up the bad life. A violent confrontation with the pimp who exploited them sets off the events of “Sky Rojo” – and that leaves them with no choice but to embark on an unbridled flight.

Then everything happens at breakneck speed, or when we’re not talking about three women on a high-speed excursion with haunted gangsters – and a soundtrack with very high beats per minute.

Guns, boiling tires, drugs and many action sequences are what Pina promises, who does not hide from the topic of power and female emancipation. They are the heroines, they are the villains. The scenario couldn’t be more current.

Creator inspiration

The project is led by Álex Pina, creator of “La Casa de Papel”, who has the invaluable help of Esther Martínez Lobato, who accompanied him in creating the series’ worldwide success through a group of attackers. Now they are trying to repeat the success, but with a different formula.

Lobato takes on the passion for Quentin Tarantino’s violent fantasy – and for this reason he always takes the opportunity to include a scene with katanas in his creations. “Sky Rojo” is therefore full of beautiful Tarantine violence. But the narrative hides a darker side that is sufficiently hidden by comedy and relentless action.

“I’ve come across terrifying cases and we’ve included some elements of them,” Pina explains of the research she conducted to make the story. “At some point you realize that there are mothers who sell their daughters. That sells your virginity. There are things that we couldn’t say, but they happen. ”

The stars

“Sky Rojo” brings a new line of protagonists, some with strong names, especially in Spain. Enric Auquer, winner of a Goya award, is one of the men in the spotlight. But let’s start with the right ones: the protagonists.

At the helm is Verónica Sanchez, a 43-year-old Spanish actress who plays Carol, the leader of the prostitute trio that put themselves on the run. With a long curriculum he got to know Álex Pina in his 2003 series “Los Serrano”.

Next to her is Wendy, incarnated by the 29-year-old Argentine actress, model, dancer and singer Lali Espposto. And finally Gina, the 30-year-old Cuban actress Yany Prado.

The cast also consists of Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Moisés, who has appeared in Netflix series such as “Sense8” and “Narcos” and will appear in the final season of “La Casa de Papel”.

It just arrived, but the makers have already planned a second season that will have eight more episodes. The end is that it has not yet been written, reveals Esther Lobato.

“I always say if you can bring your characters to life, anything can happen, like in ‘La Casa de Papel’ that has closed and reopened,” he explains. “You have to find an excuse that is stimulating and coherent enough [para os fazer regressar]. ”

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