Six Very Easy Ways To Earn More Moras Easily!

Genshin Impact is the new trendy action RPG. We tell you about it regularly on Hitek, as the game developed by miHoYo studio unleashes passions and players rely on thousands of dollars for their characters. Today we are interested in the different ways to earn Mora.

Moras is the local currency of Teyvat, the fantastic world of Genshin Impact. You can find them by killing monsters and opening chests, but money can run out quickly, especially if you’re new to the game. Here are six very simple ways to make Mora easier to earn.

Daily missions

Once you have reached Adventure Rank 12, you can unlock up to 4 “Daily Missions” per day. These are missions with very simple objectives that you can complete very quickly, each with an answer to the key. So doing all of your daily missions per day is a very easy way to earn lots of Mora without worrying too much.

Adventurer rank

By completing all of your daily missions, you can quickly increase your adventurer rank. Every time you increase your Adventurer Rank by one level, you will earn cash, up to 40,000 Mora. Big thing !


As in any medieval self-respecting fantasy role-playing game, dungeons in Genshin Impact allow you to get your hands on many treasures that include equipment but also moras.

Flower of happiness

This is one of the easiest ways to increase your Mora number. Once your Adventure Rank reaches level 12, you’ll be able to unlock the Fleur de Fortune (or Fleur de Richesse) ley line, which can be used to earn more or less moras depending on your Adventure Rank. The further you go, the more enticing the rewards become. Good news, the flowers of happiness are still visible on your card. So you can find them very easily.

Free astrions

Free astrions that are collected by summoning with Primo Gems can be exchanged for Murten in the shop. You can therefore collect 10,000 morats for 10 free astrions. However, this type of exchange is limited to 30 times per month.

Anemo Seals and Geo Seals

Anemo Seals and Geo Seals are available in specific chests in Moon City, and can also be obtained from Statues of Seven, which you can get in exchange for offers from Anemoculus and Geoculus. Then run into a souvenir shop and swap them for Murten.

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