Six secrets hidden in Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released in 2017 to bring the Nintendo Switch to market. It was a real success both critically and publicly. This truly ambitious gigantic open world, whose aesthetics are reminiscent of the animated films of the legendary Ghibli studio, is a true ode to adventure and celebrates its fourth anniversary today. The opportunity for us to come back to six winks that Nintendo meticulously hid. Obviously, many of you will have found these Easter eggs by now, and there are many more to come. This article aims less to identify them than to pay homage to Breath of the Wild.

The Oman shrine at the shrine

At the beginning of the game, Link wakes up from his 100-year slumber on the Prelude Plateau. At the old man’s request, he goes to the four shrines scattered on the plateau. One of them, Oman Au Shrine, has a special meaning in its name. When shrine means “shrine” in Japanese, Oman Au is the anagram of Aonuma. Eiji Aonuma is one of the main architects of The Legend of Zelda as he has produced all of the saga’s work since Ocarina of Time, published in 1998.

Former Nintendo President

Satoru Iwata died on July 11, 2015 and was Nintendo President from 2002 until his death from cancer. To pay tribute to him, the developers created a character that is very similar to him. His name is Oudeau (Botrick in English) and he is looking for a mountain where a great sage named Satori, from which the name Satoru is derived, lived. You can find it in the Relais de l’Orée de la Plaine near the old amphitheater. A very nice homage!

The Lon Lon Ranch

As everyone knows, Link was put into a 100-year slumber by Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild. Upon awakening, Link discovers a land of Hyrule in ruins after the terrible attack by Ganon and the fall of the Guardians. The player can then find some emblematic places of Hyrule in ruins, in particular the Lon Lon Ranch, which was discovered in Ocarina of Time and where we learned to ride the mare Epona. You will find it completely destroyed southeast of Hyrule Castle. You don’t have to look far for it, it’s well marked on the map.

Ride Ganon’s horse

We’ll stick with the horses a little, since, as those who have thoroughly researched The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild know, it is possible to ride Ganon’s horse. If he is never called as it is in the game, he is particularly recognizable by his tall stature, which enables him to dominate the other horses. You can find it in the Obbaba Prairie in the extreme south of the Kingdom of Hyrule, near the mountains that border the Gerudo Kingdom. Be careful if you want to ride it, make sure you have enough stamina!

Robin Williams in the breath of the wild?

The death of the gigantic Robin Williams left us all orphans. A legendary actor whose irresistible humor was only matched by his good nature that went straight to the heart, Robin Williams was a huge fan of the universe of The Legend of Zelda, so much so that he named his own daughter after the famous Princess of the License. In the days following his suicide, The Legend of Zelda fans asked Nintendo about the icon of their youth to appear in an opus of the saga. Nintendo replied in the affirmative. And he may well be present in Breath of the Wild, even though the Japanese company never made the news official. Indeed, many players find some resemblance between Robin Williams and one of the game’s NPCs: Orren, an ever-cheerful traveler whom we meet on the way to the Relais de la Montagne.

Divine creatures

The names of the divine creatures Link must rescue from Ganon’s grasp were not chosen at random. Vah Ruta mentions the name of Ruto, the intolerable princess Zora of Ocarina of Time; Vah Naboris pays homage to Nabooru, the gerudo and sages of the spirit of Ocarina of Time. Vah Rudania is the anagram of Darunia, the Goron people in Ocarina of Time; and finally, Vah Medoh refers to Medii, the young Piaf from The Wind Waker.

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