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The week of protest from environmentalists like Extinction Rebellion for more climate protection is fading a bit. There are not many protesters on the streets of Berlin, but many police officers can be seen.

Berlin (dpa) – Environmental protection groups continue their climate protection protests in Berlin on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, several dozen protesters first occupied the entrance to the German Farmers’ Union and a little later the street in front of the Ministry of Agriculture near the government district. The CDU party headquarters sprayed protesters with red paint – according to the organizers of the protest it was “fake blood”. The police seized the personal data of 40 people involved. In the afternoon, demonstrations with hundreds of people moved from the party headquarters of the CDU and SPD to the city center.

Police were on site at the sit-in blockades, blocking roads, speaking with the mostly young activists and trying to gradually lift the blockades. There were no major traffic obstructions.

At the farmers’ association at Friedrichstrasse, about 70 protesters with corona masks and distance sat in front of the doors and on the roof in the morning, as can be seen in photos. Individual protesters stuck their hands to the doors or chained themselves. The alliance of many initiatives, including Extinction Rebellion, criticized the farms, which are responsible for destroyed soils and emissions. The Secretary General of the German Peasants’ Union, Bernhard Krüsken, replied: “Roaring and trembling rhymes – we can do nothing with this underground level.”

Around lunchtime, about 100 protesters were gathered in front of the Ministry of Agriculture on Wilhelmstrasse. “The destruction of the environment and climate in industry cannot continue like this,” the alliance wrote on the internet. In front of the red-spattered CDU headquarters was a banner with the text: “Block climate policy = more climate victims”. Around 3 p.m., two demonstration trains departed through the center of Berlin in rainy weather. Groups of drummers ran in front, the CDU and SPD were accused of lacking climate protection on banners.

The alliance had accused the police on Monday of an overly large operation. Some planned actions would not have worked due to the large police presence. The week of protest had started with delays and fewer participants than expected. About 300 people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate for a sit-in. Several dozen environmental activists set up tents and a stage in Monbijou Park. There were minor skirmishes with the police and some arrests.

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