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Singer Armando Gama dies

Singer Armando Gama dies

He was 67 years old and had a long career. He was admitted to the IPO, the victim of a prolonged illness.

Singer Armando Gama died this Monday, January 17th. He was 67 years old and was hospitalized at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO), according to SIC Notícias, which cites a family source. He was the victim of a long illness.

Armando Gama had a long career but was best known from 1983 when he presented Esta Balada que te Dou, a theme that won the Festival da Canção that year. A few years earlier, in 1970, he had formed his first group, the LoveBirds.

During his career he has worked with names such as Tozé Brito, Dino Meira, Doce, Trio Odemira, Nicolau Breyner and Dina, among others. He was also part of groups Marinho & Gama, Tantra, Sarabanda and Canon before going solo.


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