Shortage of tickets leads to unrest in the USA (video)


The coronavirus is definitely causing chaos. But the shortcoming we’re going to talk about today is … strange. In the United States, especially in Pennsylvania, a Walmart store (main chain of stores in the United States) was robbed as soon as it opened, causing a riot among many people who wanted to buy their precious, newly placed merchandise: Pokémon cards.

Pokémon: catch them faster than the others

The scene was filmed by the Instagram account @tcg_grassi and it shows nothing more than a dozen people waiting outside the local Walmart store, pulling up their blinds and opening their doors. The rest is a part of Mario Kart in the car. All the men rush to the toy department to get their hands on the most important thing on the shelf: the Pokémon cards.

It must be said that the craze for Pokémon cards has reached such a point lately that some people are talking of a safe market value. Some trading cards can reach insane sums, like the Charizard we told you about in a previous article. This new Pokémania (to use the boomer term) has resulted in a shortage of Pokémon cards in the US as well. The Pokemon Company couldn’t print cards fast enough to meet demand.

Got this video from Instagram by @tcg_grassi and wanted to put it on Twitter. This shit is amazing.

May 21, 2021

I received this video from the @tcg_grassi Instagram account and wanted to post it on Twitter. This shit is amazing.

An extraordinary event

The author of the video is used to this type of shopping, but explains that this is the first time he has seen such a rush. He made it clear that he had shopped with these people many times and that everything had gone very well and smoothly: “I have stood in line with them in other stores and they have all been respectful in the past. What happened is a little crazy The Walmart team was very bored and the other staff looked shocked. “

Similar events occurred in other stores earlier this month. In response to the clutter and the ever-increasing amount of such products, the Target brand has announced that it will stop selling Pokemon cards in its store. In France, too, the resale of these collectibles has reached a new level, with figures like rapper Lorenzo, who recently put fifteen cards from his personal collection on sale.

This is what happens when you play a beautiful picture.

May 21, 2021

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