Shetland Season 7: Find Cast, Trailor, Release Date, and other Latest News Here

It was a big twist at the end of BBC One’s Shetland on Wednesday night, when two major characters were arrested on suspicion of murdering each other. A detective inspector named Jimmy Perez and Duncan Hunter were both framed for the murder of season four villain Donna Killick (Fiona Bell), whose last act before killing herself was to blame both men for her death.

Over the season, Duncan had become friends with Jimmy, the stepfather of Jimmy’s daughter Cassie. The two men had an unlikely friendship, but it worked out well for them both. Duncan confessed that he helped Donna kill herself at her request, but she had already written a letter to her lawyer before she died, implying that the two men were trying to kill her. This is because of their friendship.

After Duncan went to the police to try to protect Jimmy, the police also arrested Jimmy. There’s still one big question left: will Shetland come back for a seventh season? You can find out everything you need to know about the seventh season of Shetland here.

Shetland season 7 is coming out soon

As of December 2019, the BBC had already agreed to make both seasons six and seven. COVID-19 put a hold on filming and the release of the sixth season. Since filming has already begun on season seven, we can expect it to air in 2022.

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Shetland Season 7 Cast

Everyone in the cast of Shetland looks like they’ll be back for season seven. Those are Douglas Henshall as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez, Mark Bonnar as Duncan, and Alison O’Donnell as DS Alison “Tosh” Macintosh, who is also called “Tosh” (who was revealed to be pregnant in the season six finale).

Shetland filming Locations

The show is known for its beautiful scenery, with filming taking place in the archipelago of the Shetland Islands, as well as in other parts of Scotland, like Glasgow. Shetland’s filming locations are still a big part of what makes the show so good. If you want the best deals this year, check out our Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021 guides.

If there is any news about Shetland season seven, we will keep this page up to date.