“Shadow and Bone” is Netflix’s new fantasy series to gobble up over the weekend


“Shadow and Bone” is Netflix’s new fantasy series to gobble up over the weekend

It has eight episodes, is based on a saga of bestselling books, and opens this Friday.

If you like TV series that focus on complex fantasy universes, Netflix has great news for you. “Shadow and Bone” is the latest production from the streaming platform that fits into this category. It opens this Friday, April 23rd and has eight episodes.

It is an adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling book saga, which consists of the main trilogy “Grisha” (the first volume of which is “Shadow and Bone”) and a number of spin-offs. Overall, this mythological universe has come to be known as “gray”.

The great protagonist of the story is Alina Starkov, an orphan who discovers at the most traumatic moment of her life that she has special abilities that can save the war-tormented world from the oppressive “fold”.

They are a huge series of shadows that separate nations at war. There are several other characters in this narrative with some kind of superpower – they are called “Grisha” – but Alina’s abilities are unique.

So she is another example of the classic protagonist of this type of story, as she is a kind of “chosen” predetermined thing. Its existence endangers the status quo – and gives hope to all those who fight for a different, better world. Alina is vulnerable and determined, loyal and intelligent, and not very resigned.

You will take a step back from anything you ever knew was trained to be part of an elite army of magical soldiers. As he tries to tame his newfound powers, he realizes that nothing in this world is what it seems.

Powerful forces are involved, including a group of charismatic criminals, and magic will not be enough to guarantee victory.

This adaptation by Eric Heisserer – the screenwriter who wrote “Arrival” or “Bird Box” – is close to the books, but in some moments also far away, and gathers fragments of the various stories in this saga, around the universe in the series build better.

This is one of those worlds with its own terms, invented languages ​​and characteristic elements. So it can take a while to understand the complexity of the imaginary “shadow and bone”.

The cast of the Netflix series has names such as Jessie Mei Li, Freddy Carter, Archie Renaux, Amita Suman, Ben Barnes, Simon Sears, Julian Kostov, Danielle Galligan, Calahan Skogman and Daisy Head.

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