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SFR presents its 5G cellular plans with great enthusiasm

In a previous report, we briefed you on the 5G cellular plans already available and each operator’s position in this area. Today SFR-Altice finally decided to present its 5G cellular plans and open its network to its customers.

5G cellular plans available and functional

In order to be able to use the 5G network of SFR, a subsidiary of the Altice Group, you have the choice between 4 available cellular phone plans with different data handling.

80 GB 5G data at 40 euros per month 100 GB 5G data at 50 euros per month 150 GB 5G data at 65 euros per month No data limit in 5G at 95 euros per month

As with Orange, you have the option of opting for a 5G package with no data restrictions. You benefit from the speed that this network offers. Aside from 5G mobile data, of course, you will still have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as is currently the case with 4G plans. Note that SFR has more than 30 5G devices in its catalog if your smartphone is not compatible with this new technology.

In addition to these new 5G cellular plans, SFR is highlighting the opportunities and services that will benefit from the performance of its network.

SFR Gaming: Streaming service with more than 300 titles SFR 5G Xperience: Access to 360-degree video content (RMC Sport, BFM TV, etc.)

In addition, the operator explains that 5G customers can use the option of viewing programs in 4K from their smartphone.

While awaiting a deployment across the area, the city of Nice has been selected to open the ball. The city announces that half of its population will benefit from it.


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