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“Sex education”: The protagonist promises to be “more daring” in the next season

“Sex education”: The protagonist promises to be “more daring” in the next season

There is no return date for the Netflix series yet. Actor Asa Butterfield gave an interview in which he talked about the production.

Asa Butterfield is the protagonist.

In an interview with The Guardian, Sex Education lead actor Asa Butterfield left some references to the third season of the Netflix series – which, given the delays due to the “not yet premiered” pandemic.

“From the moment of fear there will be a leap in time [no final] of the second season, ”said the 23-year-old British actor. The character is back at school, but looks different.

“He grew up and got a little more daring. It was fun to portray your newfound charisma. Don’t worry, it remains tragically weird too, ”said Asa Butterfield, adding that the mustache the paparazzi photographed on the footage is false.

“We were photographed by paparazzi while we were shooting and people were crazy about the fact that Otis has a mustache. I can only reveal that it is not real. Fortunately, it doesn’t last all season. I don’t think anyone could stand looking at this for long, ”he joked.

In addition, Asa Butterfield spoke about other topics in the narrative. “The relationship between them [Otis e Maeve] develops in the third season. And we also looked into why Otis started his sex therapy clinic. Was it just to be around Maeve or is he happy to help people? “

Remember, Asa Butterfield was on vacation in Lisbon in early 2020.


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