Serralves will have a night and an immersive outdoor exhibition


Get ready: Serralves will have a night and an impressive outdoor exhibition

You can also take part in a photography workshop and take guided tours of the Porto Park.

You already have plans for summer nights.

Between July 29th and October 17th, Serralves Park in Porto will open its doors for you to visit the space’s new nightly and immersive exhibition, which will take place between 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

The project is a collaboration between Nuno Maya, who did the lighting design we will find, and the Serralves Park team. During the “Serralves em Luz” you can visit various sights, with special attention paid to the natural spaces and the architecture of the park. You will be taken on an authentic journey through the senses.

Different light sources were used for this exhibition: LED, halogen, laser, HMI and video. During the three-kilometer journey you will pass through 24 different pieces, but all with the aim of moving you to different perceptions between the real and the imaginary.

“The light installations transform the space into immersive environments that take us into the different seasons, that enable a connection with various natural elements of the park – such as water or vegetation – and allow us to experience in an original way, luminous manifestations of nature such as the sun, the moon, reflections, the rainbow or the northern lights, ”reveals the Fundação de Serralves website.

In addition to the exhibition, you will find a workshop on August 13, September 17 and October 15 that plays with the theme of the exhibition: light, nature, art and architecture. You also have the option of taking guided tours of Serralves Park.

Tickets cost € 12.50 – or € 10.50 for all students, seniors from 65 years of age, people with reduced mobility or children between four and 11 years of age. Children up to three years of age have free entry.