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Two passenger trains collided in South Bohemia. Two dead, five seriously, three slightly injured. Another 31 are slightly injured. The cause is probably a continued stop signal.

On Wednesday morning shortly after 8 a.m., a serious train accident occurred in Milavče near the Bavarian border in South Bohemia. The express train from Munich to Prague collided with a regional train between Domažlice and Blížejov. Pilsen city fire brigade reports two deaths. According to operations manager Jaroslav Hrdlička, these are the drivers. Another five people are seriously injured and three slightly injured. 31 people are slightly injured.

Dozens of rescuers and four helicopters are on the scene. Emergency services from Bavaria are also helping. The accident happened on the main route Pilsen-Munich. Transport Minister Karel Havlíček wrote on Twitter that the express train had passed a traffic light before the accident.

Accidents happen again and again on Czech railways. The security technology is considered outdated. Just a year ago, two trains collided head-on in the Ore Mountains near the German border. Two people were killed, including a German.

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