Serious Allegations Against Boris Johnson by Ex-Confidants | Free press


London (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under pressure for his close ties to the economy and possible false accusations against a former confidante.

Ex-government adviser Dominic Cummings on Friday protested the allegation, launched indirectly from Downing Street, that he was behind the publication of Johnson’s confidential text messages. Cummings wrote on his private blog that he was not “directly or indirectly” the source of the BBC’s story of an SMS exchange between Johnson and entrepreneur James Dyson.

The Prime Minister’s former confidante had left his post on Downing Street in December after a bitter argument among close advisers.

The Times, Telegraph and Sun had previously reported, citing Downing Street sources, that Cummings should have sent the text messages. The text message exchange between Johnson and Dyson last year was about potential tax breaks for Dyson’s fan manufacturer. Johnson confessed to the news, but defended his actions in the face of the crisis.

In his blog post, Cummings accused the Conservative government of unjustified suspicion of several media leaks about him. “It is sad to see the Prime Minister and his office fall so far below the standards of integrity and competence this country deserves,” Cummings wrote.

The former Prime Minister’s confidante was a key representative and strategist of the “Vote Leave” campaign for Brexit. He was already under public fire last year after being caught on a private trip without permission during the strict corona lockdown. However, Johnson held him for months. The ex-adviser was “bitter about what has happened since he left,” the Times said, citing the anonymous source. The government opened an official investigation into the leak, but did not officially comment on the speculation about Cummings.

His allegations, which he makes on his private blog, go well beyond the Dyson case: he accuses Johnson, among other things, of trying to stop an earlier investigation into a leak related to corona measures because a friend of his partner may have been involved. been. “I told him it was ‘crazy’ and completely unethical,” said Cummings. You couldn’t stop a public inquiry affecting millions of people.

Cummings called for an official investigation into the matter and offered to answer questions from the British MPs. At a previous hearing, the 49-year-old had made serious allegations against the Johnson administration.