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Secure your home with these wireless and subscription-free standalone 2K cameras

Anker has developed a home automation brand called Eufy. There are efficient robot vacuum cleaners like the Xiaomi models, but there are also more safety-oriented products like wireless 2K outdoor cameras that work in WLAN and have a battery life of one year. With this coupon you can easily invest in eufyCam 2 Pro cameras.

eufyCam 2 Pro: wireless, autonomous, night vision, waterproof

The eufyCam 2 Pro camera bundles include 2 outdoor surveillance cameras that offer great specs. Indeed, they can record the slightest movement in your home thanks to a powerful detection by zones that works in all conditions thanks to their IP67 certification. You also benefit from people detection to avoid false alarms and you can communicate with the people in front of you in real time via a microphone and speaker system.

These cameras have a high-resolution Sony sensor as they can shoot in 2K to capture the smallest details, day or night in good light. They contain night vision technology with super image quality.

Very easy to install, with eufyCam 2 Pro outdoor cameras you don’t need to run any cables to power them and connect them to your network. Everything is done through the central unit, powered by WiFi or through its Ethernet port. When it comes to power supply, the battery allows 100% autonomy for a period of 365 days, even in the event of a power failure.

No additional fees, no subscriptions, recordings are stored locally and encrypted with military-grade encryption.

Normally it costs 399.99 euros, but this kit is entitled to a 50 euro coupon that must be activated before adding it to the cart, so you can grab it for 349.99 euros. Otherwise, we also offer a model from Blink with an Amazon Connected Speaker.

Why choose this package?

2K resolutionWireless and autonomousWithout subscription

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