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Secondary lawsuit continues final lectures in Halle trial | Free press

Many of the people who wanted to kill Halle’s murderer participated in the trial as joint plaintiffs. Almost three weeks before the intended verdict, they have the floor again in the main proceedings concerning the right-wing terrorist attack.

Magdeburg (dpa / sa) – In the trial of the right-wing terrorist attack in Halle, the secondary complaint is that the closing lectures are being continued. 45 survivors and next of kin have joined the Public Prosecution Service and are represented by 21 lawyers.

Ten of them pleaded on Tuesday and also let their customers have their say. In the pleas of the other eleven lawyers, several co-plaintiffs should also give their opinion.

On October 9, 2019, a terrorist attempted to kill 51 people celebrating Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish holiday in the synagogue in Halle. He failed at the massive door, then shot the passerby Jana L. and later in a kebab shop Kevin S. In the ensuing escape, he injured other people. The trial has been running at the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Naumburg since July, but is taking place in Magdeburg due to lack of space.

28-year-old German Stephan Balliet confessed to the crimes and justified them with anti-Semitic, racist and anti-feminist conspiracy stories. The federal prosecutor’s office is demanding a life sentence with subsequent protective custody and the determination of the special gravity of the guilt.

After the end of the taking of evidence, the federal prosecutor’s office had initially argued and recounted and legally reviewed the events one by one. The Public Prosecution Service has divided the numerous crimes into a total of 13 cases in which they accused the suspect of sedition, murder and attempted murder, among other things.

In Tuesday’s first pleadings, the lawyers then focused less on the legal assessment and more on aspects of the attack, its consequences and the course of the trial. For example, the lawyers of Kevin S.’s parents attacked the suspect again sharply. “They took her child from a mother in the most disgusting and perverse way,” said Kevin S’s mother’s representative. His father’s lawyer called it an “excruciating execution.”

The representatives of some of the survivors from the kebab shop and the synagogue had already given their closing lectures on Tuesday. In doing so, they gave the floor to their clients, many of whom had testified as witnesses in the trial, either directly or by reading statements.

The court has set aside two more days of trial for the remaining pleas of the additional prosecution. After the final reading of the defense and the final word of the suspect, the verdict will be announced on December 21.


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