Second evacuation machine landed in Kabul | free press


Berlin / Kabul (dpa) – The second Bundeswehr machine for the evacuation operation in Afghanistan has landed at the airport in Kabul. That said Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) in Berlin.

Due to the dangerous situation at Kabul Airport, the Bundeswehr’s first evacuation machine was able to fly only seven people out of the Afghan capital on Monday.

“Due to the chaotic conditions at the airport and the regular firefights at the access point, it was not guaranteed last night that other German civilians and other people to be evacuated would gain access to the airport even without protection from the Bundeswehr,” he said. a spokesman for Foreign Affairs.

Five Germans flew out

The Airbus A400M is officially designed for 114 passengers. However, it is said that during the evacuation operation, up to 150 people could be transported with him. Those who fled are five Germans, a person from another European country and an Afghan local employee who worked or works for the Bundeswehr or a federal ministry.

More people could not reach the machine on the runway. Access for people who were in the civilian part of the airport was “not made possible by the partners who exercise security responsibility at the airport,” the spokesperson said. The plane also had to leave the airport after a short time.

¬ęDue to the extremely dangerous situation on the access roads to the airport, especially in the evening and at night, it would have been an unbearable risk to the life and limbs of the people on the spot to call the people to be evacuated to the airport before they were granted landing permits and before access was secured by the armed forces.”

Rapid Forces Division

Only with this first machine could the Bundeswehr bring the paratroopers of the Rapid Forces Division, which had been specially trained for evacuation operations, to Kabul. “With the support of the Bundeswehr troops who have now arrived in Kabul, we are working hard to make this possible for the first evacuation groups in the coming hours,” the spokesman said.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) said in the morning on ARD that the flight had taken place under extremely difficult conditions. “We have a very confusing, dangerous, complex situation at the airport, mainly because of the crowds,” said the CDU politician.